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About Us

We are a family business, now roasting premium small batches of coffee in Sedona, Arizona. We seek out responsibly sourced, quality coffee that possesses distinctive flavors indicative of their growing regions and unique processing methods. Prior to the industrial revolution coffee was roasted by the handfuls at home weekly. Ren Tao is dedicated to the art and technique of peak small batch roasting.
We’re pushing the limits of available
flavor and clarity in the cup with integrity.
We believe coffee is beautiful, so will you.

Our Relationship

Greg Suekoff has been involved in the coffee world for all of his life. When the first version of Oak creek Espresso opened many years ago, Greg was making espresso drinks on the first day. He trained all the baristas and set the standard high for coffee drink preparation. This care and attention to detail, applied now as a roaster, has resulted in some truly unique and beautiful varietal coffees that we are excited to share.

"Peak Roasting"

Is the belief that somewhere specific along the roast spectrum, there is a sweet spot where all of the coffee’s best qualities dance. Where this “somewhere specific” is, will vary from coffee to coffee, a reflection of the unique life story of each lot we purchase and roast.

Is this "Organic"?

We believe in relationships not certifications.
We know and trust all of our green bean suppliers and how they source from farmers directly.
Most Organic coffees remain uncertified.
We will support organic and buy when available.
Direct Trade has replaced Fairtrade in terms of farm forward coffee purchasing. By visiting farms, green been coffee buyers develop lasting relationships with farmers and mills, as well as have firsthand experience with farm conditions and cleanliness.

What is "Fair?": Fair Trade vs. Direct Trade

Our Trusted Importers:

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